The Box and 1 Playbook.

Are you Creating or are you Reacting?

5  Pathways to understanding how to shift when facing challenges

(Offense or Defense- Life can be a Spiritual Sport)

Mental Processing

To begin changing your reality, change your perspective.

How we relate to what we ‘think’ is our story, becomes reality.

Identify something positive, then Observe negative mental chatter.

Create a positive perspective, we relate differently.

  • Chanting/Mantra: Everything is Good and Beautiful (500x)


4 out of the 5 Universal human emotional themes, Anger, Fear, Worry, Sadness and Joy foster ‘suffering’. It is only Joy that we consciously create.  The others we manage, or ‘deal with’, which consumes vital energy.

Remembering ‘this too shall pass’. With gratitude we honor the light and dark aspects of our being. Observe how Anger, Fear, Worry, and Sadness mirror what needs shifting inside of us.  Find the Joy, the Love in being vulnerable to your Truth.

Humbling is beneficial.

  • ‘C’ things differently. Shift what you c From Reactive to Creative


Is it time for an tune-up?

What kind of fuel are you putting into your engine. Cut down your white sugar, overly processed foods.  What you eat matters.

Breath and Breathing.  There is this thing called Meditation and it really helps. Rhythm of breath cycle is a portal to greater calm.

Replenish your Self organically and inorganically.

  • Passive: Breathe in and out through your Heart Center 30 mins a day for 5 days. Active: Sweat, bike, run, walk, hike, dance, etc, 60+% of max heart rate for 30 mins. Cook with Love. Feed with Gratitude

Energetic Grid

If we are vibrating with static, we manifest a static vision.

Feel what your physical body experiences when around someone, something challenging.

Heal through your 5 Senses. Energize Mind, Body, Spirit with positive ions.

  • Find your way to shift your energy; dance, laugh, chant, drum, pray, paint, make love, be in service, listen to someone’s story, get some bodywork, play a game, eat something truly tasty, make someone smile

The Heart of the Matter

When we balance our 4 pillars (a 2 dimensional flat picture), we are able to generate a 5th point (3 dimensional). The Box plus 1 goes from square to pyramid. 1 point (Spiritual) from 4 others (Physical).

  • When we balance processes across our box of mental, emotional, physical, energetic content, we automatically engage our Truth in the form of Heart intelligence. We develop our Floating point. Divinity. Honoring our Anger, Fear, Worry or Grief, instead of shaming ourselves for feeling this way, allows us to let emotions pass through like a strong wind. What is for your best and highest good? Ask. Clarity comes.

This is Love and all of its manifestations. We Honor our Shadow elements with Compassion, Loving Kindness, allowing us to shift from Reacting into Creating.

When things really do Suck, we have a playbook and can quickly do something about it.

The Art of Performance and Transformation, Platform 14, (