I approach my work with the desire to be a human developer. My root emotion is that of caring as it relates to healing. My primary intention is to facilitate personal growth, thus positive change whether it helps propel you to achievement or assists in soulful evolution. At various points in Life, we must do both. Sometimes we know what to do, but sometimes we don’t.

I have travelled two seemingly mutually exclusive paths, sports and spirituality, extensively. From first teachings to masterful doings, I entered my 24th year as a decorated Olympian, retiring from volleyball 6 years thereafter. As much as my Ego wanted to continue, it was time to transition. A tremendous run to the top which illuminated all that goes into mastery. Clarifying my heart’s desire into a follow up act, however, proved extremely difficult. I struggled balancing mental desires and emotional dysfunction outside the structure and team dynamic of elite training and performance.

Zig zagging 11 years post athlete identity, I was never able to get where I wanted to go nor make happen what I thought should happen. Invariably, without the vent of physical exertion, having goals in front of me, I circled around to introspection, tending to old emotional wounds from childhood and growing up. I had to re-learn the Jon Root who was no longer an athlete and truthfully, it scared me.

In time, Life’s cycle balanced out years of extreme success and personal highs with a dark run of happenings which ultimately, in one final act, wiped out all that I had, and thought I knew. Years of personal work took me down many a sacred path, re visiting traditions I had studied, visited, or wished to emulate all with the goal of personal transformation. I didn’t like what I had seemingly become let alone was attracting or co-creating.

Looking back on many years of going up, and coming down, the proverbial mountain, directing me back into the positive cycle and process of creation and achievement after losing it all, a reminder was created. A personal manual that isn’t so personal because it is woven from universal truths across a wide body of traditions. Concepts and precepts blended in such a way, Platform 14 becomes a metaphor for how we can engage Life to achieve that which we clarify in our heart, or need to endure when we whisper “I can’t take it anymore”. Such is the duality of Life.

This is so much more than another rah rah address around mental toughness, or inspirational preaching session telling you the practice the law of attraction, or encouraging you to engage in behavioral programming, directing you to stand in front of a mirror, smiling for 20 minutes pontificating “I AM SUCCESS”. Not so much.

True change is structural change and that requires fixing code, which means as without so within. It is not easy work.

Life, the Spiritual Sport at the end of the day is just another story. We all have them, and they are all relative. Everyone has their baggage. This isn’t God talk, or telling you in some airy fairy voice over to “Just Be….And Love”. It is the beautiful, the bold, and the ugly as it relates to one man’s need to rebuild, this time from the heart center.

My goal started as a cathartic need and morphed into wanting to teach, preach and screech my way helping those who are interested who want to be more connected to their path. Yes, there is mental toughness. Yes there is Law of Attraction. Yes, there is NLP work. There are good teachers doing their work through different doorways. I just have a perspective, learned from very extensive practice deep down two paths.. My introduction is just a reminder to appreciate the overall construct of how we influence tangibly and sometimes invisibly.

There should be no illusions to those who yearn for greater achievement or mired in ‘suffering’. Personal growth is hard work, and generally takes much longer than we ‘think’ it should. But such is Life. Everything is layered, everything is connected. Numbers and Nature are intertwined.

I have some ideas about things I would like to shape going forward: sports performance workshops for young adults, transformational adult workshops, from beginning to more advance for older souls. There is even a yearning to explore how I can contribute to helping military veterans calibrate back into civilian life. My intention is to build those next. In the meantime, I hope to get out speaking, consulting and working with athletes who want to create new mojo.