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I’ve put my years of experience into a coaching practice that helps all my students excel to their greatest potential. On the sand or on the court!


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Volleyball | Olympic Gold Medalist

I played sports from the age of 7 until I retired from USA Volleyball at the age of 34. I started with baseball, played basketball, and literally fell into Volleyball, the result of a nasty hip check in basketball that fractured my throwing arm in 2 places. I played 1 year of JV ball, then 2 years of Varsity in High School. In that short time, my exhibited physical, mental and coordination skills across other sports transferred to volleyball quickly and rapidly. I was a top recruit with the hashtag we all laugh about “great upside potential”.

I became a standout player while at Stanford, eventually getting the opportunity to represent the United States in the 1988 Olympic Games and winning Gold. I played with some of the best to ever come through the National ranks. Coaching as well. I had accumulated a lot of great knowledge, applied in years of training and then in competition, and felt it was time to pass along what I learned. The challenge of course is always teaching the content.

As one of the Technical Directors for a volleyball club that fields 55 teams across all age groups, I also coach a 13s power team. After 3 years of relative success coaching 17 Open teams, performing thousands of hours of private coaching, I decided to dedicate my time to helping shape athletes at their competitive beginnings.

5 Star Training

As a Technical development specialist, I am known in my client circle as the “Volley Doctor”. seemingly I can fix what ails you on the court. Built into my technical applications is also large chucks of the entire ‘mind, body, spirit’ component of being competitive, and succeeding.

For young adult athletes in the U17 space, my expanded teaching is a mix of manual and metaphor. It is 5 Star training. Each of our primary human operating systems deserving deeper understanding and application in how best to leverage for greater performance. The 5 Stars accumulated are essential principles learned from Mental, Emotional, Physical, Energetic and Spiritual domains.

Mental-All things mind in how we train, compete. Perspective, Positive Attitude, but also learning how to manage the negative chatter that comes from nowhere.

Emotional-Anger, Fear, Worry, Sadness and Joy, our 5 primary buckets of Emotions. Understanding how we are emotionally wired, what our triggers are, dealing with challenging emotions while training or competing can hinder success in action. Worry, game time jitters, slumps, playing melt downs on the court, all can be resolved by piecing together positive Mental and Emotional habits.

Physical-Understanding our bodies, how to correctly improve strength, sport specific exercises are just part of improving. Game time nutrition, eating habits, stretching, yoga, mind/body relaxation techniques all critical to weave together to help our physical body operate in peak output mode.
Energetic-Concepts of momentum, tides turning, team chemistry, being in the zone, all are real energetic scenarios. Partaking in a team environment, there are individual pieces which contribute to creating a greater whole. Balancing personalities, being supportive, less concerned with self are important lessons to maximizing a team’s success. Imagery and Visualization are also advanced exercises embracing positive energetic imprints, how we create visions in our minds eye that we wish to bring to life.

Spiritual-The essence and energy of ideals such as Service and Sacrifice, what it means to be part of a team. There is a greater good which sometimes must be viewed as a personal sacrifice or approached in the honor of being in service to and for others. There are also cross over applications. Being in the Zone for example is one such phenomenon. You can’t explain it. You can’t quickly reproduce it. But for a stretch of time, you, your game, are one step ahead of every other particle moving around you. Everything in sync, as though all the tumblers aligned for a brief moment in time.


Technical Videos

I am building a library of brief technical videos which give you core information around each volleyball skill. Please view and share with those you know who are passionate about getting better. The first round addresses core Serving technique and basic hitting principles as an attacker.








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