As a 1988 Olympic Gold medalist and someone who lost his way in the years after retiring from world class training and competition, the principles involved in performance and personal transformation definitely take on a spiritual essence when juxtaposed to physical performance. Sports and Spirituality transcends what many see and hear watching professional sport broadcasts and interviews, whether we hear an athlete ‘thanking God for this opportunity’ on camera or see a fan strategically placed holding up the John 3:16 sign.

My perspectives come from being a survivor of early childhood abuse, recreational substance abuse after retiring from competition, to having to reconfigure my whole life after being a victim of domestic violence and dating abuse. A new paradigm required I go back into my toolbox to glean all I learned from years of success as a world class athlete and spiritual doer to figure out how to find my heart center after years of trauma and healing.

Peak Performance is a blend of many things. From Sports, all things physical, and years of deep Spiritual exploration, all things metaphysical, I developed a reference map for staying centered in Mindful choice, not reactive choice. This reference map, Platform 14, is a sketch, relating key principles, when distilled down, comprise heart based power applied to everything we want to do as we balance society’s definition of success as well as all things we might have to change if we hit places in life that require us to dramatically change who we are and how we are behaving.

Of course we can train to be mentally strong, or believe we can ‘think and do like an Olympian’; however, from my experiences across 49 years of life and living, the formula is more complex. All four realms of our ‘experience’ must be cultivated, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Energetic if we want to really embrace the concepts of Abundance and Success.

I will continue to write about what it is like to rebuild one’s life after a complete crash and burn. Believe you me it ain’t easy. While I am continually crafting a better daily living experience, I have to remind myself everyday of my 4 ‘tip of the iceberg’ reference points. These starting points are referenced in my book, Life, The Spiritual Sport (

  • Mental realm work starts with Perspective. Our thought construct is in many ways a relational data base. Change your perspective, change your perceptions and relationships shift, to both People and Events.
  • Emotional realm work ties into our thought construct, but eventually the gold mine here is raising our Emotional Intelligence. Based down the example here would be moving from a feeling experience as Victim (suffering) to Forgiveness (loving kindness). As we explore the 5 Universal emotions, Anger, Anxiety, Sadness, Shame and Joy we evolve from blaming to being more present, taking responsibility for our choices.
  • Physical realm is all things Rhythm and Flow. How we fine tune our physical machine combines looking at the fuel we use to feed the machine, so to speak. Some things we ingest or inject into our system can burn cleanly or leave a dank exhaust. The objective is to tinker with the input to achieve a perfect Flow state of Being.
  • Energetic realm work embraces our Core Beliefs. This involves a keener appreciation for invisible influences we all share, energy flow, vibration and harmonics, what it feels like when something resonates in our Heart center. That is our Truth in knowing, thus Believing.

Remember, every day as we walk our path, we are in relationship; some days it is a ship  in transit, whereby some days the ship is in port, enjoying the sights, sounds, and scenery.  Every day is an opportunity. Life is a spiritual sport. How are you going to leave your mark?