Welcome to JR’s World.

As I publish and launch this portal to performance and all things transformation, it is aligning with the grand metaphor of the Spring Equinox. A time when Light is overtaking Darkness. A time of seeing what you want to plant, tend, grow, and harvest. Having reflected in the dark season on what needs to change or perform better, new visons of where we want to go, become, or change seeded. In a seemingly more conflicted world, creating with consciousness and intention becomes a seasonal priority. 

Now comes my time as a ‘metaphysical mechanic’ to create content that fosters the growth of Light in one’s life, emphasizing the power of Light to fuel performances that are creative and powerful. This is our Heart Spark.  Coded into that vision, a desire to help and benefit others.

I approach my work with the intention to consult as a human developer. My root emotion is that of caring as it relates to changing negative patterns or bad emotional files. My primary intention is to facilitate personal growth, thus positive change, whether it helps propel you to achievement or assists in soulful evolution. At various points in Life, we must do both. Collectively, we all must perform. In this performance lies transformation. Sometimes we know what to do; often, we don’t.  

There are 2 dominant categories which have shaped who I am, what I coach, teach, and preach: Sports and Spirituality.  For a very long while, I held them as mutually exclusive buckets of knowledge, personal experiences which helped me accomplish as well as deal, when faced with hardship. 20 years training in Sports, reaching my personal peak as an Olympic Gold Medalist, then re-training for Life after a long series of challenges and setbacks that pretty much wiped out my identity as I felt I knew it. 

I never stopped to connect the dots when I was young and firing on all cylinders. It was in ‘suffering’, dealing with shadow elements, having to take apart to rebuild where dark rooms in my psyche were illuminated with a positive Truth. One mystical evening days into a Native American inspired sacred purification ceremony, the disparate points of teachings blended beautifully together. Physical systems (mind, emotions, body) meet Metaphysical principals (energetic, spiritual), creating a new platform to support a vision quest.

How we observe and manage the functioning of each of these Universal 5 Realms imperative to performance and transformation. Mental, Emotional, Physical, Energetic, and Spiritual are systems which have basic operating principles. Spiritual isn’t necessarily about ‘God’. Concepts of sacrifice and being in service to a higher good are key.  This is the underlying metaphor in Platform 14.  There is 1 overlying point that holograms into view when understanding 4 other realms of reference.

When we learn to see the deep interaction between Mind and Emotions, blended with the magic of our Energetic grid, our invisible flow of life force) and how this influences our Physical being, the Spiritual components become tangible. A more mystical appreciation to how we create, and face change, helps us manage and navigate our Life path.

When Life, The Spiritual Sport was published in 2014, introducing Platform 14, intended was to write a follow up book. After experiencing a long series of personal and life challenges, from a place of suffering, the book title was born. It had become my operational metaphor, a new way of relating and creating, reminding me that nothing was ever as bad as my mind squawked it was. In and of itself, not a warm and fuzzy feel good read. It started as an open letter to my daughter hoping to one day fill in the blanks for her during early years of being separated. It finished by inspiring and reminding myself that regardless of challenges faced, there is a map to get you home safely.

The follow-up and finish to Life, The Spiritual Sport has not happened. Life hit me with a part 2 round of challenges. Even for me, a veteran of personal growth work, the trio of losing a parent, dealing with a cancer scare, then losing my trusted wing man and four-legged friend tossed me into a spin cycle. In the 3 years hence, I had to revisit files I long ago buried in my mind and emotions, meticulously re-coding old programming, eliminating emotional malware, constructing new pathways that are positive, not negative, creative, not reactive. Yes, there are many a time when you face something that isn’t necessarily your fault, but it has become your responsibility. It’s a construct that sucks because we tend to go outside of ourselves understanding why this would happen, pointing, blaming, venting.  What we feed is what grows.

Maybe this is all in line with themes dominating society today, class suppression, lack of respect for the Truth and being truthful, bigotry, leadership which is boastful and threatening.  Under siege is integrity and respect of Life for all forms, which includes diminishing natural resources vital to daily life and living.  Shouldn’t it matter when the World’s Atomic Scientists move the Doomsday clock 2 minutes from serious trouble?

Embracing my desires, what I know about myself, strength, and weaknesses, I am dedicated to shaping positive contributions across 3 separate professional endeavors:           

Life, The Spiritual Sport and Platform 14 is the forum where a video library will be constructed talking about all things life and living, designing goals, advancing towards realizing those goals.  Tips, topics, and tutorials, diving deeper into how best we can blend physical law and natural law to perform more efficiently, shifting negative chatter, behavior, and habits into new ways of being and operating in the world.

Sports Kitchen. Finding my fun while participating in things that bring me joy, cooking and listening to my friends banter on about life and sports. We are showcasing sports, fun, and the culture surrounding sports from youth to professional athletes.  Preparing great food can be fun and easy, so why not feed, laugh and make it a social event.

 U18 Volleyball coach (“Volley Doctor”).  As a product of USA Volleyball, watching the explosion of opportunities offered to girls and boys, it is time to capture and host a plethora of basic, intermediate, and advance skill videos geared towards the 11-14-year-old playing volleyball, indoor or sand.  

Moving forward, I have some ideas about things I would like to shape: sports performance workshops for young adults, transformational adult workshops, from beginning to more advance for older souls.  Sports Kitchen will fold in different aspects, kids in sports, current and ex professionals talking life, sporting events and those who like to bet, of course always finding ways to blend in that which is inherently fun or funny.

“Kindness plus 1” is a social platform where random and not so random acts of kindness generate ground swell. Planting trees, helping others in times of need, maybe just the thought of doing something kind for yourself, plus 1 more person.  Workshops and weekend seminars for the accomplished business professional who needs a refresh on their perspective, creating a next phase vision. The Men’s Room: Where Guys go to talk about their shit might happen too. Then again, Princesses and Peter Pans may get finished and published. Stay tuned.