Life, The Spiritual Sport is a relational story. Perform and Transform. As much manifesto as manual. Observations from 30+ years of experience as an Olympic Gold Medalist and Spiritualist, key metaphysical and physical operating attributes in our Mental, Emotional, Physical and Energetic systems that affect performance and personal transformation.


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book | Life, the spiritual sport

Weaving two seemingly mutually exclusive realms took place only after I was facing great loss and change, the book blends metaphor, personal story, physical and metaphysical truths addressing Mindful choice, how anyone manifests success and navigate challenges. Categories each and every individual will face in the course of live and living involved making something of ourselves or mending. At the end of the day, we all have our stories. Different masks on similar themes. How does one grow, cultivate and harvest a greater yield?

Drawing from a multitude of physical, psychological and physiological experiences which have shaped my life, I present a manifesto for success. From childhood dysfunction harboring deep emotional wounds to the pinnacle of sports accomplishment, then down the mountain unwinding and reshaping, the story is presented with a point. One point from 4 others: how we create, how we relate, how we perform.

The reminders touch on the following:


Focus Two Sides of Mind
Imagery Energy in Thought Form
Peak Performance Motivations and Wiring: Our Hardware and Software
Duality X’s and O’s; Numbers and Nature; Give and Receive
Faith Vision Questing
iTeam Yes, there is an ‘I’ in Team?
Energy Systems Believe in What We Can’t See
Choices Reactive Choice versus Mindful Choice
Challenges Physical Issues, Metaphysical Help
Perspective Change Your Perspective, Change Your Reality
The Bigger Picture What Does “Being in the Zone” Means
Relationships Everything is connected
Power Honor and Shame


Platform 14

As much metaphor, it is also a map. It is a reference guide to remind or can serve as a launch point for exploration. Ultimately, it is my offering as open source code for how each individual’s quest is unique, but also universal in its formula for how we finely tune our realms for optimum performance and clear vision which is carved by the heart and shaped by the head. Platform 14 represents the meta of 4 into 5, a 2 dimensional square to a 3 dimensional pyramid. It is the alchemy of the physical and the metaphysical, tangible to esoteric. Tenets and Truths from various traditions aligned as a road map highlighting to solve something on the outside we must look in duality on the inside.

There are many modalities we can practice as we strive to be successful, financially secure, better people, more conscious creators. In and of themselves, each method a valid pathway. Personally, I have tried many and while making me feel good, they made me feel good for a short period of time. It wasn’t long before my story tape looped and replayed, again giving attention to the incessant internal chatter of what wasn’t happening in my life. Abundance went into scarcity. Everything dwindled down to nothing. I needed a shift in my operating system. Patches and updates weren’t changing older software glitches carried through my life.

Forced to look back at how I accomplished what I did in my sports realm reminded me I had mastered certain mind, body, spirit components. Yet, after years participating in sacred purification ceremonies from a variety of traditions, a spiritual overlay shed new light on the dynamic of how all of our realms, mental, emotional, physical and energetic can be manipulated and converged into a laser beam, a vibration of great power and strength. It is where my physical story had a spiritual narrative which allowed me to experience true balance, from input to output.

Healing through our 5 senses, we explore the 5 realms of being, 5 universal human emotions, 5 elements which comprise life as well as the 5 essences of those primary elements. A finer appreciation develops for how we create more of what is good, and step away from that which no longer serves our personal growth. Observing where our mind, emotions, habits or beliefs create sub surface distortion, we can shift habits and patterns. For whatever we want to do we can write new code. One place from 4 others, where eventually everything comes to a point, literally and figuratively.

Natural Laws

The other aspect, Natural law (aka Divine Law) is (meta)physical. NL is a body of laws considered as derived from nature, right reason, or religion, and is ethically binding in human society.  Natural Laws are fundamentally simple, and very straightforward to understand. These laws reveal intention that the Universe is in Order, and that there are philosophical, scientific, and religious precepts which provide an overview of how that Order comes to be:

“Natural Law is that law which God (divine power/source) has set in motion to govern all that has been created or is in being. It is immutable and unchangeable and we know of no instance where the Source (Infinite Intelligence-God) has set aside that law in response to any human appeal nor suspended that law for any other reason.”

‘NL’ can best be put as the sum total of GOD in manifestation and action.  Whereby Truth is individually relative; everything is in divine order.  These Laws establish power, functions, attributes, and phases throughout various planes of the universe.  The purpose of natural law is to insure a progressive or successive cycle in evolution, regardless of what obstacles man creates.

I will list the Natural Laws as best can be achieved, notating where there may be crossover with Physical Law.  Natural law is always constructive, even when it appears, by lack of understanding, to be destructive.  This is similar in understanding how things seemingly are falling apart around us at times and instead of seeing when we are growing, or needing to learn and move through a particular lesson, we instead fall to our knees and say out loud, why is this happening to me?

Natural law follows a pattern of need, not just for today, but for the continuation of the universe.  Man, in order to insure his own continued evolution, must come into a full understanding of the law.  As you go through this list, make notations as to which laws are in lock step with chapters and content that is discussed in the book.  You will see that there is much crossover between physical and spiritual realm, for as within, so without.


[A composite definition of Natural Law is presented accordingly by SAM, Inc (Reproduced from Natural Law Workbook, Sam, Inc. © 1980)


ball-logoLaw of Abundance

This is a law based on one’s ability to live in the conscious awareness of the source of all things. Only when one recognizes his oneness with the infinite can one manifest the law of abundance in his life. The law of thought is useful in the application of the law of abundance, for as a man thinketh, so he will become.  If we think supply, or plenty, we succeed in the enjoyment of it.  As we demonstrate this law in our everyday life, we attract others, to us who are seeking abundance, both spiritually and materially. Spiritually, your individual consciousness is the law’ thus you control your supply.  Being in tune with, or being a part of the source, you can continually produce your needs or the outer expression of the inner being.


ball-logoLaw of Attraction

The action suggested by this law is that the creations of like vibrations tend to be attracted to each other. This attraction is considered magnetic in nature. There are two distinct approaches to this law:

Material, whereby two like objects like repel (or are unattracted to each other); Spiritual, whereby two like objects attract each other.

Look around and you will see that people select the company of persons with whom they are comfortable and have like understandings.  Remember, the old adage ‘birds of a feather, flock together’, or ‘you can tell a person by the company he keeps’. This is a spiritual reflection. We also can attract from the unseen side of life since the same laws govern. We often see the manifestations of this law within our daily lives. Mental—you are what you think, and that is what you attract.


ball-logoLaw of Balance

It is by understanding this law that we find the true meaning of equilibrium.  There is a counterbalancing effect within this law, and through this effect an even or level state of mind can be achieved. Many Spiritualists are familiar with one aspect of this law, for most are aware of this statement:  ‘Under all circumstances, keep an even mind’. When one really understands this law, the gate to poise and power are opened.  Balance and perfection are normal states. The law commands that all actions of any nature between pairs of opposites in nature, or between men, must be equal, balanced.  The unbalancing of any situation causes negative reactions.


ball-logoLaw of Cause and Effect

Every action has an appropriate reaction.  Each of us sets this law in motion every day, every moment as we think, and act. For, what we create, we live with, be it joy or sorrow. This law demands that each person be solely responsible for himself for he is an individual creating a cause which results in an effect.  This is the basis of all law. When we discuss this law, we must mention those laws most closely aligned with it for there is a great deal of interblending with this law, so the following are discussed for reference:


Law of Compensation: You get back exactly what you give out-we must amend for the errors that we make, and we are recognized for the goodness that we do.

Law of Retribution: Each of us receives according to what we have earned.

Law of Karma: As a man sows, so shall he reap. Every action may have its karmic reaction, but we are free to choose our own actions. Thus, even though a karma adherent may say that we are living under karmic debts from the past, we are still free to choose how we will meet and pay those debts. (See Law of Free Will.)

Law of Sequence: includes all activity grouped under the general heading of cause and effect.  For this is the karmic law as well as the law of retaliation… nothing ever occurs by chance. There must be and there is an efficient precedent for every consequence.  Nothing stands alone and no act can be totally isolated.

Law of Moral Consequence:  As a man sows, so he will reap by succession of consequence collectively here and individually hereafter.


ball-logoLaw of Continuity 

Referring to a process of evolution this principle grounded in philosophy states that there is no break in nature and nothing passes from one state to another without passing through all the intermediate stages of existence. This law actually “warns us” that the natural law does not stop with the visible, then giving place to a new set of laws bearing a strong similitude to them.  We must recognize that this law covers the spectrum from the Law of Matter through the Law of the Spiritual.  In this understanding, we find the law is the revelation of time and the law alone is the authority.


ball-logoLaw of Correspondence

This law again operates completely in that it manifests its unceasing operation everywhere we turn.  We cannot logically deny those things in affinity. This law provides that the internal of any object-whether person, thought, or thing is ever represented in the external, and vice versa. Literally, the internal and external are united and thus correspond to each other.  Each physical manifestation can be expressed in spiritual terms. For example, trees correspond to the tree of knowledge; gold to the celestial goodness; silver to spiritual truth. In reality, all external things exist in an invisible condition and the recognized form is the manifestation of its inward reality.


ball-logoLaw of Desirability 

This law is concerned with the natural desire of most people to seek knowledge and to understand. It is through this effort that one expands his own awareness.


ball-logoLaw of Freedom 

This is a very important and powerful law for it is this law which makes man aware of the fact that he has the power of unlimited choice-man lives as he chooses. He can desire to progress and take such action, or he can limit himself to suffering and unhappiness. This law guarantees us the choice, the right to choose our own path. The law of freedom allows one to approach life’s situations in a positive manner, thereby giving us all the ability to change any situation.


ball-logoLaw of Harmony/Rhythm 

This law is closely related to vibration.  However, harmony/rhythm is motion and all motion within the universe is dominated.  This particular flowing order produces the various manifestations of the universe.  But, while everything is in the state of vibration there must be a rhythmic consistency to produce a specific manifestation.  The key to awareness is to understand how to regulate this vibration, thus changing the motion/rhythm and producing an orderly, harmonious flow.


ball-logoLaw of Life 

This law is sometimes described in spiritual literature as the one law behind all laws. It is the law of life that gives expression and existence to everything else.  The law of life is God’s law.  It is the controlling force of the relationship between man and the Infinite source/power or that which may be termed God.  As through our own being we have the ability to adjust ourselves to the higher vibrations, we are able to express the God power within our every action and thought.


ball-logoLaw of Limitation 

This law is the means by which, through a concentration of power we reject the irrelevant.  For example, we learn to set goals and eliminate the excesses. We learn not to overdo for this causes an imbalance, however, do not limit oneself either. By limitation of selection of goals, we will focus on those points which will best help us reach our goal.  Weigh the total situation, and one can then transcend to that point called individuality.


ball-logoLaw of Love 

The law of love is the creative source and power of all life.  The realization of this law is the highest goal to be attained; love is purifying.  It is the power that lifts the heart and soul to the highest spiritual awareness and living in this law provides one with freedom from negativity, jealousy, hate, resentment, and revenge. This new found freedom leaves us free to pursue the positive goals of peace, harmony, happiness and contentment.  The love principle is the action of giving and its reaction of re-giving; it is the constructive force of all forces and thus the highest vibration.


ball-logoLaw of Mind 

This law provides the understanding that the higher mind has authority or direction over the lower mind which, in turn, gives form and manifestation to all matter. By the total use of the power of concentration and in some cases, meditation, the lower mind can be brought into attunement with the higher mind (higher self). Thus, in many instances man can control his surroundings to a great degree. By using the power of the mind man can direct his life, his thoughts, and the flow of energy to meet his demand.  All manner of manifestation can be controlled when the mind is activated and motivated properly.


ball-logoLaw of Prosperity 

This law underlies the mental processes that are an important part of such laws as the law of desire, law of thought, and law of mind. Nothing is impossible to one that has the will to control his life.  If we accept negativity, poverty, lack and self limitation, they will be ours.  If on the other hand we refuse to accept these negative conditions and instead recognize that we are a part of the divine, a part of the total universe and we rightfully deserve all that is, then there is no boundary, no limit to the prosperity we can achieve.  See yourself in prosperous circumstances.  Accept it and believe it! Accept it and allow the magnet of the law of prosperity to work.


ball-logoLaw of Thought 

This law encompasses the law of contradiction; the law of excluded middle and the law of identity.  Thought is the incalculable energy force of the universe. It encompasses and pervades all that is tangible to our senses here and hereafter. Thought vibrations established by a healthy, active mind serves three functions:  It determines whether a thought is constructive or destructive; the intensity of the thought as to negative and positive; it determines direction.


ball-logoLaw of Transmutation 

This law provides that all manifestations of both the physical and ethereal nature are of one and the same substance.  Science refers to this substance as ‘energy’ while some religions and philosophies refer to this same substance as ‘spirit’. This substance is the rate of vibration which determines the outward manifestation of spirit. As we change our vibration, we also change the manifestation or the demonstration accordingly.


ball-logoLaw of Truth 

This is the knowledge of the understanding of right thinking, acting, and living. Truth does prevail! It is the law of truth that is ever driving us onward toward a higher awareness, a higher understanding. We strive to know the truth of all things. This law moves full circle to teach us correct understanding and thus results in the demonstration of right thinking and action.


ball-logoLaw of Vibration 

This law teaches that all things in the universe exist in a state of motion called vibration.  Their rate of vibration dictates the form or state of being that they assume. Because, the rate of motion differs with each different type of matter, we have a variety of objects and forms in the universe.  Understanding the law of vibration helps man to better control his environment. Spiritually speaking, man can attempt to change the rate of vibration of his mind or soul, and attempt to attune to a more refined state of awareness.  Another way in which man can control his environment through the law of vibration is demonstrated in the area of thought. We can create a positive or negative situation, a productive or non-productive situation, through the way we think.  Positive/Negative thoughts influence ourselves and others and behavioral patterns, thus reinforcing the premise that ‘thoughts are things’.


Chakras | Energetic Portals

A more intrinsic level of evaluating and embracing energetic transactions in our bodies, and around our physical sphere relates to a set of energy portals called Chakras. Chakras are energetic centers in our body that are relational metaphor to our inner and outer worlds. In alternative medicine references, you may have heard someone comment, ‘oh your throat chakra is blocked’, or ‘your chi is out of balance’.  These are examples of Chakra references.

Inherent within the human energy system are concentrated 7 primary vortices of energy. These portals influence grids; the seven chakras are the primary energetic centers-the major nexuses of energy distribution-for the rest of the human energy system.  Located along the spinal pathway, each chakra is associated with particular organs, glands, nerve plexuses, and vibration.  Each chakra is reference as associated with certain states of consciousness.

The chakras may be weak or strong, balanced or unbalanced.  Just as massage can soothe an aching muscle or the right nutrient can stimulate a gland to function well, the chakras can be stimulated to influence energy flow.  When the human energy system is working well, the body and mind are healthy, vital, and balanced.  To attend to the chakras is not a diversion into some ephemeral realm of vague mystical mumbo-jumbo. The function of chakras affects every aspect of who we are and how we experience life.

(From Christopher Kilhem’s book the Five Tibetans)

The seven chakras lie along the spinal column and are connected by three energetic pathways known (in Sanskrit) as idapingala, and sushumna.  The channels run from the base of the spine to the top of the head, conveying energy from one chakra to another.  Sushumna, the central channel, is the energetic counterpart to the spinal cord and is the core channel of all energetic flow in the human energy system.  Sushumna is the primary pathway through which energy flows from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

Kundalini energy travels through the sushumna, illuminating body and mind.  The origins of sushumna and the other primary energetic channels, ida and pingala, are at the base of the spine, the location of the first chakra.  Ida runs up the left side of the central channel; pingala ascends the right side. These two channels travel upward, intertwining with each other at each chakra.  Their physical counterparts are the ganglionic nerve chains that run alongside the spinal cord. Ida is connected to the left nostril, and pingala is connected to the right.  Ida is considered lunar in nature, while pingala is regarded as solar.

It’s interesting to note that the caduceus, the insignia of physicians, is a representation of these three major energetic pathways.  Depicted as a staff with two serpents winding around it, and a pair of wings on top, the caduceus symbolizes the ascent of consciousness, from lower chakras to higher ones.  The wings of the caduceus represent the two-petaled third eye, the wisdom eye or eye of revelation.

Description of the 7 Primary Chakras


first-chakraFirst Chakra

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine at the perineum, the spot on the physical body between one’s anus and genitals.  The energy flowing through this chakra is dense, vital, and powerful.  This chakra is the closest to Mother Earth and deals primarily with the lowest vibration energy. This chakra is associated with all basic aspects of human survival, very primal energy. It is the root of our consciousness, thus corresponding location at the root of our spine.

Primary functions: survival, power, vital life energy, courage, elimination, awakening of kundalini energy

Associated color: Red

Associated organs: Large Intestine, rectum

Associated glands: Adrenal glands

Associated sound: LAM

Related nerve center: coccygeal, sacral plexuses

Sanskrit name: muladhara


first-chakraSecond Chakra

The second chakra is located just below the navel area, slightly above the reproductive organs and is fundamentally associated with creativity.  Creativity is also seen here in the form of procreation and regeneration of which sexual energy is a core component of these actions. Sexual energy as creative force includes thought, feeling, behavior, dress, and when channeled promotes creative expression including, but not at all limited to, art, music, fashion, design.  It is an all pervading force. The second chakra is a highly active center, the energy of which permeates virtually everything we do. It is fundamental to both basic creativity and higher ecstasy.  The negative aspect of second chakra energy is that we can get ‘stuck’ in this primal, sexual force energy.

Primary functions-second chakra: creativity, procreation, sexual function, promotion of vitality, force

Associated color: Orange

Associated organs: Large intestine, bladder, kidney, sex organs

Associated glands: reproductive organs

Associated sound: VAM

Related nerve center: prostatic plexus/vaginal plexus

Sanskrit name: svadhisthana


first-chakraThird Chakra

The third chakra, located at the solar plexus, is the center of the individual self.  This center deals with expression, the individuation of consciousness that develops basic survival, sense of self as a unique being.   It is the center of personal power and the origin of will. This chakra generates the drive toward self-assertion, personal determination and individual strength, preparing us to meet the challenges of living in the world.  The center can be enormously powerful and is associated with personal charisma.

Primary functions – third chakra: will, personal power, digestion, assimilation of nutrients, understanding

Associated color: Yellow

Associated organs: liver, spleen, stomach, small intestine

Associated glands: pancreas

Associated sound: RAM

Related nerve center: solar plexus

Sanskrit name: manipura


first-chakraFourth Chakra

The fourth chakra lies at the point of the spine across from the sternum, center of the chest, and is considered to be the focal point of love and compassion in the human energy system. It is at the fourth chakra that human consciousness moves beyond self-centeredness into an expanded awareness of connection with the rest of the world.  At the midway point between the lower three and upper three chakras, the fourth chakra marks the point of conscious departure from lower to higher awareness.

The energy that flows from this center is directed beyond personal survival to consideration of others.  To gain access to the higher functions of creativity and awareness, one must ‘pass through’ the fourth chakra.  This is the metaphor dealing with the heart; the fourth chakra is the transformation from primal, material based actions, desires, through the heart, the love aspect, to higher more esoteric, spiritual considerations.

Primary functions – fourth chakra: love, compassion, immunity

Associated color: Green

Associated organs: heart and lungs

Associated glands: thymus

Associated sound: TAM

Related nerve center: cardias plexus

Sanskrit name: anahata


first-chakraFifth Chakra

The fifth chakra is located at the spine directly behind the center of the throat. Through this chakra flow the energies for the higher functions of communication, creativity, verbal expression.  The power of this chakra center is most notable in the activity of speaking.  When the fifth chakra is strong one can speak with tremendous force and persuasiveness, and expressions will be dramatic, powerful, and deeply moving.  This chakra is so potent that its force can be spellbinding.

Primary functions – fifth chakra: communication, truth, expression

Associated color: Blue

Associated organs: vocal chords

Associated glands: thyroid

Associated sound: HAM

Related nerve center: pharyngeal plexus

Sanskrit name: visuddha


first-chakraSixth Chakra

The sixth chakra is associated with the physic center and is located roughly behind the root of the nose, between the eyebrows and inward toward the center of the brain.  Also know as the third eye, or wisdom eye, this chakra is the location of higher intelligence and clairvoyant vision.  The third eye is the center of insight, an inner vision directed by wisdom and a deep understanding of the subtle forces at play in any situation.  Individuals with this extraordinary vision are the few true clairvoyants, whereby the higher intelligence viewed by this fully activated chakra is expansive and intelligent. An open third eye also enables one to easily achieve desired outcomes that are positive and generative.

Primary functions – sixth chakra: insight, higher intelligence, clairvoyance

Associated color: Indigo

Associated organs: brain

Associated glands: pituitary

Associated sound: AUM

Related nerve center: cavernous plexus

Sanskrit name: ajna


first-chakraSeventh Chakra

Located at the crown of the head, this chakra is commonly referred to as the crown chakra, center of cosmic consciousness.  Directly opposed to the primal energy and position of the first chakra, the root chakra (earth vibrations), this chakra is positioned as the portal to all things from the heavens, celestial vibrations. It is an unconditional state of total fulfillment, the embodiment of total freedom, wisdom, energy, insight, and joy.  Upon awakening the seventh chakra, one finds that cosmic consciousness is the natural human condition.  Such awakening is usually the product of intense purification, inner refinement, and spiritual work; however, since cosmic consciousness, or illumination, or enlightenment, cannot be known by the intellect, one cannot say that there are only prescribed ways to attain this condition.  The truth is genuine illumination can only be known through direct experience. In chanting this sound of OM is related to deep meditation, signifying gratitude for one’s life.

Primary functions – seventh chakra: cosmic consciousness

Associated color: Violet/White

Associated organs: brain

Associated glands: pineal gland

Associated sound: OM

Related nerve center: cavernous plexus

Sanskrit name: sahasrara