Platform 14

As much metaphor, it is also a map. It is a reference guide to remind or can serve as a launch point for exploration. Ultimately, it is my offering as open source code for how each individual’s quest is unique, but also universal in its formula for how we finely tune our realms for optimum performance and clear vision which is carved by the heart and shaped by the head. Platform 14 represents the meta of 4 into 5, a 2 dimensional square to a 3 dimensional pyramid. It is the alchemy of the physical and the metaphysical, tangible to esoteric. Tenets and Truths from various traditions aligned as a road map highlighting to solve something on the outside we must look in duality on the inside.

There are many modalities we can practice as we strive to be successful, financially secure, better people, more conscious creators. In and of themselves, each method a valid pathway. Personally, I have tried many and while making me feel good, they made me feel good for a short period of time. It wasn’t long before my story tape looped and replayed, again giving attention to the incessant internal chatter of what wasn’t happening in my life. Abundance went into scarcity. Everything dwindled down to nothing. I needed a shift in my operating system. Patches and updates weren’t changing older software glitches carried through my life.

roadForced to look back at how I accomplished what I did in my sports realm reminded me I had mastered certain mind, body, spirit components. Yet, after years participating in sacred purification ceremonies from a variety of traditions, a spiritual overlay shed new light on the dynamic of how all of our realms, mental, emotional, physical and energetic can be manipulated and converged into a laser beam, a vibration of great power and strength. It is where my physical story had a spiritual narrative which allowed me to experience true balance, from input to output.

Healing through our 5 senses, we explore the 5 realms of being, 5 universal human emotions, 5 elements which comprise life as well as the 5 essences of those primary elements. A finer appreciation develops for how we create more of what is good, and step away from that which no longer serves our personal growth. Observing where our mind, emotions, habits or beliefs create sub surface distortion, we can shift habits and patterns. For whatever we want to do we can write new code. One place from 4 others, where eventually everything comes to a point, literally and figuratively.