snowy egretI took a walk with my dog Red at one of my favorite Carmel locations, the large field off Rancho San Carlos Road. Aside from 2 acres of grass field, I was going to process sadness. For everything I have gone through around performance and transformation, revisiting Platform 14 reminded me I needed to talk it through with Spirit.


In addition to tending to a Mother, Father and Stepmother all in various phases of significant health challenges, two of my closest friends experienced deep loss. Jan, a friend and spiritual warrior, lost his wife of 35 years to a consuming cancer. My second family, soon thereafter lost their first born to advanced Parkinson and complications. Both the types of Love holes I have yet to burden in my personal world.


In my fabric surfaced fear, mortality, the shadow thoughts of impending loss, what if and how will I deal mental chatter. I began to project emptiness and started feeling very alone, disconnected. Some of these feelings harked reflections of astrological conditions I had read were heavily in place; more so, it brought me back to performance and transformation with types of change that mirror the meaning of Life. How we Love.


My walk started with heaviness. I watched Red, appreciated his every move, smile and sniff. I forced myself to hone in on the beauty of what is often a postcard setting. I opened to the scents, the visuals, all that Mother Nature revealed.  Juxtaposing the loss of loved ones to having to find the strength to just be, with love, with presence slowed the wanderings of Mind. A quiet call out to Spirit brought a beautiful reminder.

A flock of snowy egrets had touched down on the far edge of the field. Seeing the egrets was not unusual. It was the gift left behind. Flying away, I caught something in a downward spiral back towards Earth. First impression was maybe a piece of trash discarded by a curious winged one, but then thought that is more of a Seagull thing.

Walking over to quench curiosity, I was greeted with a pure white angel blessing. I reached down to retrieve the perfectly pure feather, and dropped into joy of heart. There was a silent message that came with the find. Stay in the Beauty and this too shall pass.

Here it is the lesson of the Energetic pillar, the spiritual sprinklings that help us balance our physical world encounters. To Peggy and HWS, Jr. rest in peace. Thank you for your beauty.